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HCGOP meeting held on 11/29/2016 - A Train Wreck. Ken Henson, HCGOP Chairman, and Debbie King, HCGOP Vice-Chair, should think about resigning. (.mp3, Click here if you would like to piss 3 hours and 22 minutes of your life away listening to Ken Henson and Debbie King). 11/29/2016. 12/7/2016... Response to Hit Piece on Mike Matthews, Tax Collector, by Vicki Hyatt, Jonathan Key, Mountaineer, Ira Dove, County Manager, David Francis, Tax Administrator thrown out at the last Tax Collector election, and Mark Swanger who will be leaving us (Thank God). 11/18/2016... Statement from Mike Matthews, Haywood County Tax Collector, addressing record delinquent tax collections, a vast improvement over the prior Tax Collector, David Francis, who depended on heavy handed tactics to collect taxes. 11/10/2016. 11/15/2016... 16CVS997. HCC sues Innovative Design, Michael Nicklas and Everyone Else for getting sold a bill of goods. You can thank Rose Johnson, Donna Forga, Mark Bumgarner and Barbara Parker for this fiasco. Evidently, the FLS Solar Thermal System never worked and is a catastrophe. 11/7/2016... Apology Demanded From Buncombe County GOP Chairman Nathan West by Lisa Baldwin For False and Misleading Statement. 11/3/2016... Buncombe County Schools: Shining Light On Tony Baldwin’s Nepotism. The following is an article by Lisa Baldwin (no relation to Buncombe County School Superintendent Tony Baldwin) appearing in The Tribune on October 26, 2016. 11/2/2016... PRESS RELEASE. THIRD ANNUAL HAYWOOD COUNTY PIG PICKIN’ AT THE AMERICAN LEGION. Hosted by Terry Ramey and Monroe Miller on 10/22/2016. 10/10/2016... Third Annual Pig Pickin to be held on October 22, 2016 at the American Legion. Hosted by Terry Ramey and Monroe Miller. 8/8/2016... Complaint against Robert Inman, Director, Haywood County Board of Elections, filed with NC State Board of Elections. 6/6/2016. 8/20/2016... Jackee Brown, 16CR79, Plead Guilty to Felony Serious Injury by Vehicle. Sentenced to 90 days custody in a facility which specializes in treatment of Substance Abuse. 9/19/2016... What’s Happening with Francis Farm and White Oak Landfills? David Francis has the information in Lock Down. E-mail dialog with Candace Way attempting to extract Public Information. 8/21/2016... Haywood County Death Listing 1/1/2008 - 7/31/2016, from Register of Deeds. Need assistance reconciling this list with the current Voter Registration list to see if any dead people are voting. Obituary List from the Mountaineer is next, which Haywood County Board of Elections is not allowed to use to purge the Voter Registration List. 8/19/2016... Updated Voter Registration List, pdf format. 8/5/2016... Updated Voter Registration List, .xlsx format. 8/5/2016... 16CVS620 - Dewey Gidcumb Case Summary. Why isn't there a peep about this in the Mountaineer or Smoky Mountain News? How did Dewey Gidcumb get caught? Why is Joan Fleming, Election Investigator for the NC Board of Elections the complaintant, and not Robert Inman? Do not look for answers in the Mountaineer or Smoky Mountain News. 8/7/2016... Haywood County Precinct Workers. Notice Tony Beaman (a piece of work) is a CJ (CJ=Chief Judge). 8/6/2016... 16CVS620. Dewey Gidcumb Indicted by Grand Jury for voting twice 8/1/2016... Craig Messer is running for Haywood County School Board Chair, an elected position, against Chuck Francis. Haywood County voters need to throw out Chuck Francis as they did with David Francis, ex-Tax Collector. 7/28/2016... HCGOP Executive Committee votes to censure Pat Carr [R] and Kevin Ensley [R], 7/27/2015. 7/28/2015... Dialog with Ira Dove - failed attempt to extract information about White Oak Landfill. Ira Dove has been belligerent and needs to look for a new job. 7/18/2015... Dialog with Ira Dove - failed attempt to extract information about Francis Farm Landfill. Pictures of Francis Farm Landfill, prior to and during new dirt on the dome. 7/6/2015... UPDATE Oath's of Office, Haywood County Commissioners James Weaver Kirkpatrick III, Mark Swanger, Bill Upton, Haywood County DA Michael Bonfoey, Amanda Owens, Clerk of Superior Court June Ray, Waynesville Mayor Gavin Brown 4/20/2012... ABUSE OF POWER - My Public Comment at Commission Meeting, Leon Killian Letter to Shawn Leatherwood on 8/6/10, and Response from James Johnson on 10/7/10. 1/10/2011... Rules of Professional Conduct - NC Bar. A must when filing a grievance against a lawyer with the NC Bar Association. 5/16/2013... UPDATE 99 CVS 03497 - Dawes, Yelton and Morgan vs. Buncombe County Board of Commissioners and Wanda Green, County Manager. NC Public Records Law. Full & complete file. 8/03/2012... NC Guide to Open Government and Public Records - Roy Cooper, NC Attorney General. 12/01/2010... Interesting Stuff Archives.......