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A little background on CHARLES DOUGLAS WRIGHT. This is the character that Ken Henson, Debbie King, Lynda Bennett and Pat Carr chose to have read the delegate list of people at the HCGOP County Convention for the District and State Conventions. 9/03/2016. 3/26/2017... This is CHARLES DOUGLAS WRIGHT. 10/16/2016. 3/25/2017... Who is CHARLES DOUGLAS WRIGHT? 9/22/2016. 3/19/2017... FAKE NEWS! Property values rise in Haywood? They do if you believe Vicki Hyatt, our own local Liberal Hack News Editor for the Mountaineer. 3/19/2017... Revised Resolution requesting that the Legislature let Haywood County voters decide if the Tax Collector should be elected or appointed, leaving out that part of the resolution that would terminate the position of the Elected Tax Collector immediately. 2/20/2017. 3/02/2017... 2017 Reappraisal Report, presented to County Commissioners at the 2/20/2017 meeting, by David Francis, Tax Administrator. Haywood County is the only county out of 99 others that the appointed Tax Administrator is not either the current Tax Assessor or Tax Collector. Why is that? 2/20/2017. 2/28/2017... Tax Collector - Appointed or Elected? My Public Comment at the 2/20/2017 County Commission Meeting. 2/22/2017... Mike Matthews letter to Kathi McClure (Haywood County HR) responding to a "Report" put in Vicki Hyatt's mailbox at the courthouse. Chip Killian indicated that the "Report" is not public information, yet this Mountaineer Liberal Hack, Vicki Hyatt, is leaking it in dribbles and drabbles. Cost to taxpayers for this "Investigation": reportedly $20,000 of taxpayer money. 2/10/2017... MONROE A. MILLER, 1/22/1921 - 1/20/2017. 1/22/2017... Response to Hit Piece on Mike Matthews, Tax Collector, by Vicki Hyatt, Jonathan Key, Mountaineer, Ira Dove, County Manager, David Francis, Tax Administrator thrown out at the last Tax Collector election, and Mark Swanger who will be leaving us (Thank God). 11/18/2016... Statement from Mike Matthews, Haywood County Tax Collector, addressing record delinquent tax collections, a vast improvement over the prior Tax Collector, David Francis, who depended on heavy handed tactics to collect taxes. 11/10/2016. 11/15/2016... 16CVS997. HCC sues Innovative Design, Michael Nicklas and Everyone Else for getting sold a bill of goods. You can thank Rose Johnson, Donna Forga, Mark Bumgarner and Barbara Parker for this fiasco. Evidently, the FLS Solar Thermal System never worked and is a catastrophe. 11/7/2016... Complaint against Robert Inman, Director, Haywood County Board of Elections, filed with NC State Board of Elections. 6/6/2016. 8/20/2016... What’s Happening with Francis Farm and White Oak Landfills? David Francis has the information in Lock Down. E-mail dialog with Candace Way attempting to extract Public Information. 8/21/2016... Updated Voter Registration List, pdf format. 8/5/2016... Updated Voter Registration List, .xlsx format. 8/5/2016... Dialog with Ira Dove - failed attempt to extract information about White Oak Landfill. Ira Dove has been belligerent and needs to look for a new job. 7/18/2015... Dialog with Ira Dove - failed attempt to extract information about Francis Farm Landfill. Pictures of Francis Farm Landfill, prior to and during new dirt on the dome. 7/6/2015... UPDATE Oath's of Office, Haywood County Commissioners James Weaver Kirkpatrick III, Mark Swanger, Bill Upton, Haywood County DA Michael Bonfoey, Amanda Owens, Clerk of Superior Court June Ray, Waynesville Mayor Gavin Brown 4/20/2012... ABUSE OF POWER - My Public Comment at Commission Meeting, Leon Killian Letter to Shawn Leatherwood on 8/6/10, and Response from James Johnson on 10/7/10. 1/10/2011... Rules of Professional Conduct - NC Bar. A must when filing a grievance against a lawyer with the NC Bar Association. 5/16/2013... UPDATE 99 CVS 03497 - Dawes, Yelton and Morgan vs. Buncombe County Board of Commissioners and Wanda Green, County Manager. NC Public Records Law. Full & complete file. 8/03/2012... NC Guide to Open Government and Public Records - Roy Cooper, NC Attorney General. 12/01/2010... Interesting Stuff Archives.......